​​"Ideas for making bathrooms senior friendly"   

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Example of openable window within a glass block window - glass block windows are best if there is a window in the shower.  


In many cases, these items can be added to a bathroom for safety, comfort and convenience without a major expense.

1.  Simple handheld personal showers

2.  Slide bar personal showers

3.  Spray/pulsating showerheads

4.  Curved shower curtain rods

5.  Grab bar with integrated towel bar

6.  Grab bar with integrated toilet paper holder

7.  Grab bar with shelf

8.  Toilet safety rails

9.  Elevated toilet seats

10.  Heated toilet seats

11.  Bidet-type toilet seats

12.  Fold-up shower seats

Example of shower jets - water comes out of the jets instead of the showerhead - they can be placed where you want.  

Example of recessed tiled soap niche to save space.  

Example of wall cabinet above toilet for more storage.  

On left side - an example of a ceiling exhaust fan.  

Repair plate for replacing two-handle faucet with a one-handle faucet and not replacing the wall.  

In left corner - an example of a foot rest for washing/shaving legs/feet.  

Another example of a different type of foot rest for washing/shaving legs/feet.