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Vertical grab bar to help get in the tub - horizontal angled grab bar to help get out of the tub.  

Grab bar next to personal shower with sliding bar.

Note location of grab bars for wheelchair accessible shower.

Toilet paper holder/grab bar combo

Unique wall-mounted fold-down grab bar/toilet paper holder.  

Grab Bars:

Grab bars are a must in most stall or tub showers - many serious accidents occur to persons that lose their balance while getting in or out of a tub or slipping on a wet surface.  Women like them because it can give them stability when shaving their legs when they sometimes have to stand on "one" leg.  Persons of age or special needs require them for obvious reasons.  

One should NEVER rely on shower doors, soap holders or towel bars for support.  Today's grab bars come in many attractive finishes and sizes and don't have the "institutional" look. 

Below are some examples of how some of our customers have solved their situations.  Keep in mind that some of these bathrooms are not painted or finished decorating yet.  Also, when looking at these pictures for ideas, keep in mind the size of your available space.  

Note location & length of grab bar.