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Wall-mounted fold-up shower seat.

Example of a wheelchair accessible vanity.

Bidet-style toilet seat that fits on most existing toilets - washes, dries, deodorizes - comes with remote control that can be wall mounted.  

Bench seat along the back wall in 60" shower.   

Special Needs:

There is an almost infinite number of items and options available that are related to bathroom safety, comfort and appearance.  Some of the items/options are listed below:

1.  Move a bathroom door from the present swing to the opposite swing (right to left or the reverse).

2.  Remove bathroom door and install (if possible) a wider door.

3.  Remove tub step.

4.  Move vanity for greater mobility for walker/wheelchair.

5.  Change faucet location in tub or shower.

6.  Change vanity sinkbowl location.

7.  Install ADA compliant faucets.

8.  Install wall-hung sinks to facilitate wheelchair.

9.  Relocate medicine cabinet and/or mirrors.

10.  Install tub/shower safety glass splash panels.

11.  Body spas

Below are some examples of how some of our customers have solved their situations.  Keep in mind that some of these bathrooms are not painted yet or finished decorating.  Also, when looking at these pictures for ideas, keep in mind your available space.

Transfer valve with grab bar to be able to control on/off of water from the back wall - close to a shower chair.  

Example of a barrier-free shower with ramp - note the grab bars and personal shower placement.  

Note personal shower placement.

Bench seat along the back wall in a small shower.  Note the hinged shower door.