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Example of high toilet 

Example of high toilet 

Example of high toilet 

Example of high toilet 


High toilets (universal height, ADA height, comfort height - different manufacturers have different terminology for the same height toilet) are becoming very popular in elongated bowl size and offer comfort for people of all ages.  Most toilets are 1.6 gallons per flush and many are going to 1.28 gallons per flush.  Most high quality toilets will flush very well with less water because they have a higher quality porcelain bowl specifically designed for less water consumption.  A variety of special needs seats are available as are grab bar assisted models. 

Below are some examples of how some of our customers have solved their situations.  Keep in mind that some of these bathrooms are not painted or finished decorating yet.  Also, when looking at these pictures for ideas, keep in mind the size of your available space.

Close-up of remote control for the bidet-style toilet seat.  Also has a wall mount.  

Bidet-style toilet seat - washes, dries, deodorizes - fits on most existing toilets.